Video conferencing is an ideal technology for R&Ds, where in collaboration and communication plays a significant role. In this field innovation is possible when scientists give their talents and experience to explore the creative and vital processes or products. In this field technology has been upgraded very often, video conference delivers a great communication platform that engages professors, scientists and R&D's for collecting information.

The following are the various factors wherein online conferencing is a mandatory asset for R&D's:

Co-ordination with contractors and vendors:

In order to make sure that the production is running as per the schedules, the researchers need to visit the factories, but they do not have enough time to do so. Through video conferencing, the researcher can easily communicate with the contractors and vendors, to supervise whether the process is running smoothly or not.

Virtual knowledge sharing campaigns:

Through various interactive features of video conferencing solution such as video streaming and recording, it is simpler for the researcher or scientists to organize and attend live distance learning sessions at their convenience.

Global collaborations:

This technology is allowing the researchers to erase off the geographical barriers to expanding the innovation over global boundaries. The H.323 module enables the users to connect over any connection type (software or hardware video conferencing solution).

Manage supply chain and logistics remotely:

Video Collaboration technology makes easier the supply chain and logistics surveillance, where the officials can make international calls with a nominal VoIP charge. The SIP feature integrated with EPBAX of the organization will let the conference participants to connect to any phone around the world, by being within the conference.

Better Decision Making capabilities:

Making a decision fast and effectively is a crucial aspect in the every research to rectify the problems and carry out the process preciously. web conferencing enables lesser distractions and allows structured meetings to make the decision making process faster and effective.

E-commerce websites are now-a-days opting various Tele-communication technologies to provide effective customers service. The hotline services or email support services from e-commerce websites often create hassle for the customers. Live chat option is the trending technology, where the customers can then and there communicate with the vendor regarding the size, color and quality of product.

Instant Messaging empowers clients to ask fundamental inquiries while shopping for a product or a service. E-commerce suppliers frequently report that live chat programming empowers them to address the sorts of specific inquiries that aren't normal enough to warrant a reply in a FAQ area yet that can have the effect in bringing a deal to a close.

Through Instant Messaging (IM) tool the users can make point-point HD video calls. HD video calling provides customers a rich experience in availing the support services form the e-commerce companies. The advantages of live video chat in e-commerce websites for both clients and the vendors include: Real-time, one-on-one individual customer support. Client reps can impart Web screens to the client, impart the website route, and direct them to the site page and product(s) they get some information about. Clients can see the item up close. Reps can likewise help clients with inquiries regarding strategies on the best way to do something with an item. Create individual associations from social discussions and client help. Make internet shopping more proficient and agreeable.

For today's senior citizens, technology is always changing, especially with communications. The phone and snail mail are still functional, but vastly different. The internet is the foundation for growth of the "Information Age". Modification of computer hardware and software adds video web conferencing to their communication options.

Now that healthcare is a major force in America, "Internet video conferencing is quickly becoming essential in promoting Senior independence at home", says Greg Hartwell, co-founder and CEO of Homecare California. This technology is common in business and social settings, but less so for Seniors. As a growing communications option, internet video conferencing promotes instant access, making evaluations and medical management convenient.

The American Association of Retired Persons defines four challenges to Senior well-being. These challenges consist of diminishing memory, diminishing mobility, diminishing skills, and increasing isolation. These video visits provide non-medical therapies for Senior well being hardships.

Homecare California (HCC)

Only 6 years old, HCC is a major provider of Senior home healthcare in Northern California. Hartwell attributes their success to fulfilling a growing need for a growing population. A common problem of home healthcare agencies is maintaining an effective patient and personnel balance. These video visits are the forerunner of medical advances, favoring Telehealth and other remote medical services.

For your business to maximize efficiency, management should put a few things in place. There are some tools that maneuver the different operations in the office. One of the major tools is video conferencing. Video conferencing is an important thing that should not lack in a business, but you will find that many business owners ignore it. This is because, many business owners are unaware of this technology and do not know what benefits it can bring in the business.

First, with the help of live video conferencing, you can be able to communicate with other people across the globe without the need of travelling to where they are. The existence and heavy use of mobile phones may cloud people's realization of this important technology.

Here are some advantages of video conferencing and how it can help you benefit your future events:

1. It saves money- it eliminates the costs of travelling; you can communicate with everybody you want, clients, and colleagues with just a video link at any time.

2. It can be used in connecting employees - Online video conference helps bring together all employees including those in remote areas and through this, you can update employees on all business matters and demonstrate new products.

3. It helps to improve customer relations - video conferencing engages employees to their esteemed customers. They can develop good relationships with customers without the need of meeting them physically and this also saves time.

4. It improves relationships - body language, like gestures and facial expressions are clearly displayed during a video conference and this assists in developing the relationship unlike a conversation via a phone.

Webcasts are cheaper than traditional presentations

A traditional live presentation involves you paying for a venue, hotel, food, travel and all other miscellaneous expenses. Depending on your location, you may have to do the same event many times all over the country, this takes way too much time, costs a lot of money, and isn't really feasible. Companies around the globe have made these live events obsolete, no longer do you need to pay thousands of dollars for several live events that convey the same message. One live video webcast can reach an astronomically number of people, compared to live events which are designed to hold only a set amount of people.

Lets you talk to a wider audience

Through the power of the internet you can literally communicate with half of the world if you really wanted too. Live webcasting can reach millions of people in various geological locations. If your business is rolling out new company polices or training materials, using a video webcast, employees from different locations can all get the information at the same time. This will insure the consistency of work throughout the whole organisation.

Go green with live webcasts

Live webcasting is a much greener way to run your business, it shows your customers that you care about the environment, you gain competitive business advantage, and the most important thing is that'll reduce your company's carbon footprint on the world.

Quality of content and convenience

Certain companies world wide offer high quality live webcast streams on the web and provide their clients with a range of multi bit-rate streaming depending on their needs. The convenience involved with live streaming and allowing your audience to be able to listen to your webcasts in the comfort of their own home, on their mobiles, and even tablet computers is a major plus. Now compare a video webcast to a traditional event, where you have to get dressed up, maybe even buy plane tickets and pay for accommodation. Which one would you choose?

We are living in age of technology

Technology has taken over the business world in the past decade, organizations use social media, mobile apps, blogs and online marketing campaigns to further increase revenue and bring in new business. Live webcast events over the internet is just another branch of the tree that successful businesses will be taking advantage of.